Ways to Secure WiFi Enabled Home Security Camera

WiFi home security cameras are made to ensure the safety of the family. It is also designed to reduce the risk of any intruders getting into a home. Although these security cameras are of great use and are a boon to many, there can be situations in which these cameras may be hacked. Hence, it is very important to ensure the safety of WiFi-enabled home security cameras.

If a security camera is hacked, it can lead to several serious problems. The hackers can easily intrude into your private life and pose threats to your life and honor. The most important reason for the hackers to easily attack the WiFi cameras is the default password or the lack of basic security features. They may use the clickjacking technique to gain access to your security camera. Since the alert is very high, it is necessary to know some tips that can help you prevent your home security system from being hacked by someone.

Make the Wireless Network Secure

This is the most fundamental thing you can do to secure your WiFi IP cameras from hackers. You may make use of the encryption method. Also, you may change the password of your router and the default SSID name. Turning off guest networking is also helpful.

Use a Strong Password for the IP Cameras

Keeping your camera without a password is like opening a gate for the hackers to access your device. After purchase, it is necessary to change the default password of the WiFi monitoring system. You must use a strong password, which will not be easy for anyone to guess. You can use letters in both cases along with numbers and symbols to make a strong password.

Be Careful When Using Remote Online Monitoring

Be careful not to keep this feature turned on unless you are using it. Keeping it on can make it easy for hackers to get easy access to your WiFi cameras.

Keep Updating the Firmware Regularly

The WiFi camera manufacturers will give updates of the Firmware whenever some flaws are detected. Therefore, be mindful to update it whenever an update is available. Surf through the manufacturing company’s website to know about the updates.

Make the Purchase from a Reliable Source

When you are going to purchase a new wireless camera system, make sure that you buy from a reliable source. There will be many sellers, who offer you the product at cheap prices. However, always look for reliability and customer service.

It will be wise on your part to consider these tips seriously in preserving your WiFi-enabled home security cameras from being hacked.

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