Ways to Beef Up Your Home Security Measures This Summer Holiday Season

You may have taken measures to secure your home from theft already, but wouldn’t that be good to beef these up during the holiday season? Perhaps these measures could do well with some beefing up. Here are some ways to make your home security measures stronger, which are worth trying especially when you are away.

Make Your Door-Locking System Better

A residential locking mechanism is only as safe as its cylinder. Standard euro-cylinders are visible, and together with inappropriate external hinges and frail door built – the back or front door might just be all that an intruder needs. A sub-par euro-cylinder operating multiple-point lock could just be damaged, and the lock’s cam could be disabled. Replace your older Euro Cylinder Locks with restricted-style models, with anti-snap or anti-bump and drill-resistant capabilities.

Present an Inhabited Residence

Mail popped out of the post-box itself is a sign that you are not at home. If you are planning to go out of town for a few weeks, then make arrangements to have posts suspended for that time period by paying a little extra to avail that service. As with other visual hints, timing is everything when it comes to mail delivery.

Are you under the impression that leaving the lights on and drawing the curtains for three weeks is all good ideas? In fact, they are a combined dead giveaway that you are not at home. Window blinds are a fine compromise, though; Venetian blinds are placed facing the ceiling to let in the light but offer an obscured view. People require a random lighting pattern and even noise, either delivered manually or through slight technical trickery.

In case you have a network that is adjusting thermostats, controlling lights, plugs and more through a smart device specifically designed for these home automation purposes, then you can direct some domestic theater from anywhere you are at.

Alarm Your House

Residences with a burglar alarm system, which is monitored, are four times safer than those without it. Alarms delay, deflect, and signal break-in attempts. Digital alarms with the live streaming feature could just capture action and perhaps even the identity of the perpetrator.

The entire scenario of a burglar alarm ringing on a remote property and not being audible is unlikely in the era of static shots and live video streaming, and once triggered, an alarmed residence is not an easy mark anymore.

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