The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Home Alarm Systems

Employing efficient home security devices have become a necessity these days, rather than a luxury. According to many studies conducted in the field of home security, the number of burglaries and other crimes is increasing every year. Hence, it is really important for the people to secure themselves as well as their family from anti-socials. Having an efficient home alarm system will be a great option to live in peace when you are out of town, off to work, sleep, etc. After all, everyone deserves a peaceful life and it is possible only if you are confident about the safety of your loved ones.

Apart from safeguarding your family, home security devices are perfect choices to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. This will be a boon, especially if your family includes kids, seniors, disabled people, etc. However, there is an overwhelming number of home security devices available in the market and hence, it will be really challenging for you to zero in the right options. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the common types of home security devices as well as their pros and cons.

Local Alarms

This is the most basic home alarm system you can purchase. Plus, it is really easy to install these local alarms. Note that the system comes with sensors to be placed on your doors and windows together with the motion detectors. The working of local alarms is quite simple. When some intruder enters your home, the circuit will break, triggering the alarm.

The Pros
  • Readily available.
  • Affordable.
  • Simple installation.
The Cons
  • Not as efficient as wired and wireless alarm systems.
  • Can be easily disabled.

Wired Alarm Systems

This is the traditional option and is raging in the field even now. The system entails motion detectors, control panel, wired cameras, and wired sensors. The functioning is almost similar to that of local alarms. However, the system is monitored and hence, the monitoring company can instantly notify about the situation to the homeowners or emergency services.

The Pros
  • Cheaper than wireless alarms.
  • No need for batteries or other power backup options.
The Cons
  • The installation process of wired alarm is really complicated. If your home is not set up for wiring beforehand, you will have to drill holes on the walls to accommodate the security system. This will be a reason for concern in case of rented homes and apartments.
  • Professional help is required to install the system that will add to the overall expenses.
  • It is really hard to move the system out of place once installed.

Wireless Alarm Systems

This is the best home alarm system so far. Even though it works similar to that of wired alarms, the absence of wires makes the entire process easier and hassle-free. Just like wired alarms, the monitoring companies will inform the respected authorities in case of any intrusion.

The Pros
  • Can be shifted easily from place to place.
  • Installation is quite simple.
The Cons
  • Expensive
  • Require frequent battery replacements or any other power backup options.

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