Questions Homeowners Ask before Investing in Security Tech

Industry experts expect a 10% increase in demand for home security products annually through to 2025. Competitive pricing, increased knowledge, technology advancement, and positive attitude towards the potential solutions security devices offer are important reasons for the anticipated demand increase. The cost-effectiveness, innovative features, and ease of installation are all vital to the popularity of smart home devices. Many homeowners will still have a tough time deciding between residential security systems in a market that continues to grow. Questions about effectiveness, affordability, and value addition will cross their minds.

Do I Need to Invest in a Residential Security System?

You cannot keep intruders away by simply being hopeful that nothing will happen to your house when you are not at home. That and the growing crime rates reported across cities are clear signs you should have a system in place, to prevent threats from outside. Theft- and burglary-induced financial and emotional consequences are some of the reasons why you have to invest in one, but these are not the only reasons to do that. If you are not sure whether you need a security system, then think of how it can help protect not just your home and your family, but also your pets.

Is it True Home Security Technology Helps Deter Crime?

Studies show a burglar alarm system can alone stop over 60% of break-ins. What is more interesting is that an estimated 60% of burglars admit that they would look for an alarm system before breaking into a house. If it was present, burglars would search for a different house to target. So there is no doubt that installing the newest security systems will help prevent crime in your house, and that it is a worthy investment for you.

How are Innovations Keeping Occupants Safe?

With certain devices with features meant for this, you can keep a watch on your property and control these systems remotely. Different kinds of features improve safety measures inside and around your house. For example, smart video doorbells protect residents away from burglars, especially the stupid sorts who ring doorbells to verify whether someone is home. When someone rings the doorbell, a notification will appear on the homeowner’s or occupant’s phone. This way, you can determine who is at your front door. Other innovations in the home automation space include motion sensors, smart smoke sensors, and smart door locks.

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