Home Security Cameras in Our Daily Life

Is my home safe? This is a question that pesters the mind of an average US citizen. According to FBI study, a home burglary happens every 13 seconds in the country and 88% of the time it happens in residential areas where these burglars keep watch of a house and observe the movements of the people in the home to choose a time to act. Most of the people think that hiding the valuables will solve every problem but these burglars have enough experience to look for valuables in hidden places. People started to take home security more seriously. After the construction of a house, the next thought will be about home security.

Role of Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras play an important role in stopping crimes and also offering evidence to incriminate the robbers. As per statics in 2015, police were only able to clear 13% of the reported burglaries due to the lack of physical evidence and witnesses. But in 2018, the percentage increased to 45% due to the installation of home security cameras in most of the houses. Studies show that around 10%of the burglars are armed. Therefore, along with the home security cameras, you may install a warning of such a system in your house to keep away these dangerous people.

Types of Home Security Cameras

There are different types of home security cameras available in the market. These are usually cheap and affordable. There are also the sophisticated cameras with infrared, sound absorption, movement sensors etc.

  • Indoor cameras: These cameras tend to give a wider view than the usual cameras. With the introduction of “dome” cameras, we get 360-degree coverage without compromising the quality of the image.
  • Outdoor cameras: These are more durable and weather resistant, ensuring exterior security and allowing the users to see the visitors from inside without even opening the door.
  • Motion detectors: These cameras can help save lot of storage space by activating itself when there is a suspicious movement.
  • Adjustable cameras: These security cameras are fitted with motor-driven actuators that give a wide range of view along with zoom control.
  • Wireless technology: These cameras works on wireless signals enabling it to get installed in any place remotely without the need of wire.
  • Cameras with a security system: These cameras are connected to security systems that allow the user to remotely monitor and share live images to law enforcement.

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