Frequently Asked Questions about Nanny Cameras

It is not practical to fully trust a total stranger to take care of your kids when you are not at home. What guarantee is there that a professional nanny will look after your kids in the way you have told them to? This is where having a camera in your house that monitors your nanny’s actions come in handy.

Is it Legal in the US to Use Nanny Cameras?

A nanny camera is nothing but an in-home surveillance device, marketed to working parents who wish to use something to monitor the interactions of a caregiver with their kids. Hidden or not, nanny cam is allowed in order to make video recordings in your house. However, you would violate the law with regards to video surveillance if you locate it in private spots to monitor your nanny, like in the bath or your employed babysitter’s bedroom.

What about nanny cameras with audio? The laws concerning audio recording vary from one state to the next. Some states in the US have the one party consent rule, which means at least an individual must have been informed when the recording was going to happen. It would be breaching the law for not informing your babysitter about the video and audio recording, if you live in California, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, New Hampshire, Washington, and/or Pennsylvania. Read and understand your state’s law before making an audio recording.

Which are the Kinds of Nanny Cameras?

In most other blogs, nanny cameras are referred to as “hidden spy” cams. Do these have to be hidden cams? Not necessarily. These can also be categorized as exposed cams. Hidden cameras are generally disguised in a different item, and are used for recording a given location. These are usually not easily visible and are used to record babysitters without their knowledge. Nanny cameras can be indoor security devices or baby monitors. Indoor home security cameras can be mounted on the wall, while baby monitors can be placed on a table.

Which are Some of the Features of a Nanny Cam?

Before you settle on a nanny cam, you have to know the other key features it should have. Here are some features, but if you are serious about buying, get tips or suggestions from a security camera expert.

Wireless: Wireless security cams for baby monitoring allows you to watch the live feeds, whereas others only record the video for users to watch later.

Motion Activation: You cannot be watching your smart phone or computer to keep track of every single thing your nanny does at all times. This is one of the awesome features that send you alerts while motion happens in front of the cam.

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